Welcome to the website of the Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics group at the University of Florida. Our current research is focused on  multiscale materials modeling and simulation.  We develop formalisms to theoretically link atomistic and continuum descriptions. We also develop multiscale computational methods and massively parallel computing codes to predict nonequilibrium materials processes from the atomic to the mesoscale, with no empirical rules or parameters other than Newton’s second law and classical or machine-learned interatomic potentials.

      The ultimate goal of our theoretical and computational research efforts is to understand the physical processes and mechanisms underlying materials properties  and to design materials or structures to achieve co-optimized microstructural, mechanical, and thermal transport properties. We are interested in high-strength high toughness materials, biological structural materials, thermoelectric materials, phononics,  microelectronics, power electronics, and other semiconductor heterostructures.